tips for being good grand parents

Tips for being good grandparents

Ask most grandparents about their grandkids and pictures, boasts and stories are sure to follow. What makes grandparenting such a joyful experience?

The grandparent/grandchild relationship is a very special and unique one. For one thing, grandparents can thoroughly enjoy the children, without the worries, pressures and time constraints they dealt with as parents. They can simply provide their grandchildren with time, attention and love. And they can just have fun!

Grandparents can treat their grandchildren to experiences that the parents may not have time or money for. They can play an active role in children's lives, sharing their valuable experiences and wisdom. In this youth-focused culture, they can help children develop a good attitude about older age as they model an active, healthy life.

5 Tips for good grandparenting

Help solidify the bond between you and your grandchildren with these tips on good grandparenting:

  1. As the children grow, spend one-on-one time with each grandchild; this creates lifelong memories for them.
  2. Plan events with your grandchildren rather than merely sitting them in front of the television. These can include baking cookies, taking nature walks, putting together a puzzle, fishing, etc.
  3. Be a neutral party. This becomes important during the teenage years when kids need someone to talk to besides their parents.
  4. Respect your children's parental authority, especially in front of your grandchildren. Undermining them can only hurt your relationship with everyone involved.
  5. Keep family history alive. As a grandparent, you are in the unique position of knowing more about family history than anyone else. Pass this knowledge on to your grand kids so they will feel a sense of continuity and history.

As a grandparent, you have the opportunity to spend time with your grandkids and simply enjoy their company -- without the accompanying responsibilities of parenthood. Take joy from it!

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